First Stammtisch in Giessen this Semester

Stammtisch in Giessen – time to meet new friends!

Yesterday started the first international Stammtisch in Giessen. The Stammtisch is an event that takes place every week either in Giessen or in Friedberg. We met at an Eiscafe, with a bunch of different people from different countries all over the world. There were a lot of interesting people from Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kamerun and more.

Most of them were students who just started their studies in Giessen and therefore were new to our city. We talked about what to visit and things to know for the studies and of course the life in Giessen. Besides this we had some (a little bit weird) discussions about birds and insects (one International was a straight away bird lover others are not so much). We shared our travel experiences and I heard some strange stories about writing a Bachelor thesis in Finland with paranormal interested supervisors. In exchange, I offered my knowledge about how to connect with the (also sometimes weird) Germans. After the event we got invitations to participate in the Buddy Program (more on that in our upcoming post about the Buddy Program).


Overall I can highly recommend the Stammtisch as it´s a great opportunity to get in touch with new people and make friends which can help you to survive in Giessen.



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