Study options for Internationals at THM Business School and how to apply for it

What can I study in Giessen?

I would like to show you some of the possibilities you have as an International at THM Business School in Giessen.

We have two universities, the Justus-Liebig-Universität and the THM University of Applied Science. You have plenty of possibilities to study in both of them. This topic could fill several articles, so I decided to focus on studying at THM Business School in this one.

The THM in general consists of 12 departments from Life Science Engineering to Management and Communication. If you are an International and plan to study at THM I recommend writing an email to our International Office. They will provide you with all the information you might need. Also they will tell you what materials you need for your application.

We – the authors of Life in Giessen – study in the master program International Marketing at  THM Business School (one of the 12 departments). If you are going to finish or you already finished your Bachelor studies in a business related field (like business administration) and you are interested in marketing this could be the perfect match for you. Besides this the THM Business School offers other master and bachelor programs too. They also provide the opportunity to do your study abroad for one semester in Giessen. At the latest Stammtisch I met for example two Russian women who study here for one semester to get a double Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

If you are interested in studying at THM Business School visit its Homepage.

And if you want to know from other students how it is to study there visit this blog by some colleagues of ours.

What are the requirements?

The requirements to study at THM Business School vary depending on which program you are aiming for. Some require basic German knowledge but there are also some which just require English skills of a certain level. TOEFL or other language tests are usually needed. Just ask the contact person of your desired program for the exact requirements. For example for our study program we had to prove our English skills, write a 2-sided application and hand in our resume with all relevant certificates. We had to sent all the documents via post, since online was not possible.

In a nutshell: Make sure you know all requirements for your program if not ask the International Office. Most importantly make sure you meet the deadlines because any German institution is very strict in this regard.

I wish you good luck for your applications and that we soon enjoy together the Life in Giessen.


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