Hacks on how to find an apartment in Giessen

I would like to give you some general information about facts and things to consider when searching for a student apartment in Giessen. How and where do you need to search for it and what you have to keep in mind before signing the contract (as Germans are very fussy about this). Where to find a cheap transporter when you have to move within Giessen and where to buy cheap moving boxes.

Apartments in Giessen

How do you get started?

First of all you need to get started finding your new place. In my opinion the websites wg-gesucht.de or immobilienscout24.de are the best. You can set different filters, like your budget, room size, size of the shared apartment or the date of availability. Something you may also consider when searching for a room is the so called ‘Zwischenmiete’. Other Students offer their furnished rooms for a limited time (mostly 6 months), while they are doing their semester abroad.

After you got your favorites you should start contacting the people. I recommend you to contact at least 5-10, since probably a few won’t come back to you. Giessen is a student city the competition is usually high during September/October and March/April. If you thought living in an apartment in Giessen will be cheap, forget about it. Here as well as anywhere, else demand and supply are determining.

Once you got your appointment to visit your potential apartment in Giessen, have your checklist in mind of things you would like to ask. I for example am always interested in the bill of electricity expenses and water. Also the general mood in the house is good to know (of course they can lie to you about that, but I’m pretty sure you will have a good or a bad gut feeling afterwards). Further it is always nice to ask about the relationship with the landlord and his current renters. I am pretty sure you will have some additional questions depending on what you are looking for.

Finding shared apartments in Giessen

Closing the deal

So you found your new dream castle, you already met your new roomies, but what now? Signing contracts can be an interesting experience in Germany. Usually the landlord likes to meet with you in person in the new apartment to get you to know. When doing so and signing the contract you should also bring or ask for a paper called ‘Übernahmeprotokoll’. In this paper you and your landlord will add all the things that are not in perfect shape and at the end both parties will sign it. This will be your security once you move out again.

Signing the rental contract

I myself made a bad experience once and believe me that was a mistake I’ll never do again. I had to pay a lot of money, because of some defects the previous renters left behind. That is why you should state anything you see, which is not in a good shape. Big scratches on the floor, wholes in the walls or overpainted sockets are just a few possible examples. Once you move out you can show your copy and the landlord can’t charge you with the repair of the previously stated defects.

Another thing you need to keep in mind before signing a contract is the deposit you have to leave. Which is 3 times the monthly fee. Further I highly recommend you to read through the whole contract, because once signed you agreed to all terms. If they won’t supply you with an English version, please ask a friend or anyone you trust to help you.

How do you get your stuff from A to B?

Lastly you may have to organize cheap moving boxes, which you can find in ‘Guthschrift Antiquariat und Gebrauchtmedienhandel’ it is located in ‘Bahnhofstrasse 26’. The cheapest rental transporter here in Giessen is called Studibus. I only recommend you to rent the transporter if you have to move shorter distances, as you get a discount being a student. The fee you pay per kilometer is pretty high, when moving to other cities though.

I really hope you find this article helpful on what to consider when you are searching for an apartment in Giessen.




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