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Giessen club (s) – there are relatively few in the city, but there are still some jewels I want to present you. Since this is a student town you can go out on nearly every day to party. Keep your eyes open if there are any special parties in these clubs. You will see some flyers in your university or on the streets. Now here is my personal list of good clubs in Giesssen:

Gissen club (s) we recommend you to visit

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Ulenspiegel (underground Giessen club)

My favourite Giessen club – is Ulenspiegel. It is a very small underground club in the sense that the club itself is under the earth.  You probably have to wait in a very long line because if the amount of people in the club reach a certain level they just let new people in if others leave the club. This can be very challenging for your nerves so I recommend taking funny people with you to endure the waiting time.

The first time I visited the Ulenspiegel our group also had to wait around 45 minutes before we got in. Once you get in there is a big area to dance and usually they play really nice music. If you have no problem with dancing in a crowd, this club is probably right for you. Also the club is located in a site street of Seltersweg in the centre of Giessen and therefore easy to reach.

Dachcafe (rooftop Giessen club)

Another very good club in Giessen worth the visit is Dachcafe. In the headline, I called it the high one because the club is on the 12th floor. From there you have a great view on Giessen at night and since it has huge windows on every side you can nearly see complete Hesse. The music there is also good but strongly depending what theme the night has and what you prefer.

I went there when they played great music but was also there when the music was not really my taste and then left soon. Keep your eyes open because often they have special parties which can be very cool. My girlfriend and I for example went there on Sylvester for a James Bond theme party with suit and bow tie. Another special thing is that you can go one floor up and then stand on the roof (the so-called Sky Bar). In summer, it´s cool to relax there and to enjoy some cocktails. Dachcafe is also a restaurant but, to be honest, I never tried the food there, just the liquor.

Haarlem (popular Giessen club)

This club is a solid choice if you are searching for a party in Giessen. Especially on Saturdays this is the club you should go to also because Ulenspiegel is closed on Saturdays. This should not sound like Haarlem is the club you just go to if nothing else is open. I never experienced a bad night in Haarlem. The music is most of the time great and it is not so packed like the Ulenspiegel. Haarlem is also an underground club, but you do not recognize it like in Ulenspiegel. It is a club you have in many towns with good music and when the people are right it guaranties you a great night.

This was my first collection of good Giessen club (s). I hope you find the right place to party and enjoy Giessen the same way I do.


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