Things about Germans – Greeting

Have you ever wondered about the behaviour of Germans? Today finally you get the explanation for all this in our new topic called Things about Germans. I am presenting you things about Germans you maybe haven´t noticed yet. We start with greetings:

Greeting – how and why?

a firm handshake

a firm handshake

Greetings are often the first trap for embarrassment when you meet someone of a different culture. Germans like a firm handshake and eye-contact when greeting someone.

The firm handshake is for a lot of Germans actually big thing. My father always told me the people judge me by my handshake so better press a little bit harder. Keep in mind that breaking someone´s hand is maybe over the top so be firm but careful.

Awkward situations can be created when Germans are meeting someone from another culture for the first time. Because we are naturally a little bit stiff a lot of touching for the first greeting can feel strange.

When I met the boyfriend of a friend of mine for the first time we had such kind of situation. He is from Paraguay but lives in Italy for twelve years now and you know they kiss to say goodbye. I was totally unaware that he would do it I thought he just want a hug and since I love hugs a was prepared to give him the full huge-guy-loves-you-hug but then his head change the direction for a kiss on the cheek and our movements contradict each other. I shied away and he thought that I feel uncomfortable and said sorry.

By the way I did not feel uncomfortable I was just surprised. The next time we met it was better and we just exchanged I-know-you-you-are-cool-hugs.


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