Inline skating – Tuesday Night Skating Gießen

Inline skating – is a popular sport nowadays. Same goes for Gießen. This fascinating and fun activity attracts hundreds of people. All you need – is just a pair of inliners. And good mood.


On skaters bright side

Starting from May, every Tuesday, when the weather is nice, a huge colourful crowd gets together to enjoy the skating evening. It is called “Tuesday night skating” (TNS Gießen). Specially for inliners, main streets of Gießen are turned into a skating ground during this event.

Welcome to inline skating

Inline skating Giessen – preparations beforehand

The event usually starts at 8 pm and lasts for 2 hours. With every week the route becomes more complex and takes different directions.

To prepare for skating, we  recommend you to: warm up beforehand, wear comfortable clothes and try not to forget your skates. Grab a small backpack/bag with a bottle of water and some snacks. These will help you regain energy during breaks.


Some familiar faces here

If you get too exhausted on the way, don’t worry! You can always finish earlier and test yourself during the next inline skating event.

Inline skating Giessen – impressions

– “From the outside it looks like a lot of fun. People smile, laugh and you can feel their energy and joy even at the distance. Police secures the whole procession from the beginning and end of the column and you can feel that it’s safe there.”


– “When you skate, you get the feeling that roads were not made for cars, but for your inliners. You become overpowered with freedom and excitement and feel like you can ride forever. But in an hour of constant skating you start looking like a red tomato, out of breath and powers, but super motivated to finish the route… I liked it!”


I hope, you got impressed same way as we did and could catch bits of this great inline skating Giessen atmosphere. It was fun, fast and furious.
But hurry up while searching for a pair of boots – next event is already tomorrow evening. Don’t miss it! 😉 We will be there!



Night safe-guards

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