Finding friends in Giessen – time to meet new guys!

Finding friends in a new town is sometimes a little complicated. Especially if you don´t really speak the language. Here are some helpful advices for people who have problems finding some new friends in Giessen.

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Find the right people to be crazy with

Advice #1: Don´t live alone

I made this mistake once. A company offered me an internship and flat to live in. In retrospect, I should have searched for a room in flat shared with other people because the flat was outside the main hotspots it was hard to meet new people.

Since Giessen is a student town there are a lot of shared flats/apartments. For more info check out our article Hacks on how to find an apartment in Giessen. Another good possibility is to get a place in one of the two dormitories in Giessen. I also lived in a dormitory for 1,5 years and it was a great experience. Sure, my flat was mini but I got to know a lot of people and one of them became my girlfriend. So for people who are new to town dormitories and shared apartments can be great for finding friends.

Advice #2: Go out

Even if Giessen is a small town there are a lot of interesting events and clubs here. For example try out the sports program of THM. The fees are low, they have a lot of different sport activities and you can participate even if you are not a student of THM! I can highly recommend it I for example participate in the Kickboxing course they offer.

Another great opportunity for Internationals to connect to other people in Giessen is the Buddy Program. You will meet a lot of interesting people and gain new experiences. For more info check out our article about the Buddy Program by our guest writer Fernando. Also there are clubs from the universities often open for non-students like M.A.M.M.U.T. a THM-club about robots (Yes, they really build robots but no they don´t let them fighting against each other). Outside from university there are clubs for dancing, theatre and more they are just waiting for you.

Advice #3: Be yourself – you are great

A good advice every time. If you try to get in contact with other people just be yourself because people love authenticity. You have crazy hobbies or interests? That´s great I would love to meet you!

Take a step outside and have fun.


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