Grocery Giessen

Grocery Giessen – probably that’s a phrase, that a lot of international students type in Google search.

As I’m a true food lover, it was no doubt that it’s only a matter of time, when I’ll write an article about food 🙂 So I’ll share my personal experience of getting grocery in Giessen.

So talking about food. As a student studying abroad it’s obviously cheaper to cook by yourself rather than go out. To tell the truth, at first, I was just getting groceries at the closest stores & only dreaming of that day when I’ll take my big bag pack, few smaller bags & go to HUGE supermarket that was probably situated somewhere in suburbs (as in many European cities).

As I was full of determination I asked my friends about the exact addresses. Well… they directed me to the store I was already shopping at, saying that that was a supermarket 🙁

You know, maybe I’m high-fed, but up to my mind supermarket is something big, where you can spend few hours exploring products & of course, find everything you need. So yeah that’s where my dreams have cracked.

But hold on… what am I driving at? Ah yeah!)

After that I was going for groceries to the closest Lidl, REWE & Penny. These shops are not that big & offer not that wide range of products. What’s more, they have quite big section with ready-made food, that I’m not really used to eat (according to my observations a lot of German students eat only that kind of stuff). This led me to the situation when I got really sick of eating the same products for almost half a year.

But, thanks God, some of my acquaintance told me about different stores where I could buy everything I need (even ingredients for my national dishes that I really miss). So I’m sharing my list of specific markets in Giessen with you guys (I called it Giessen Grocery Guide)! Don’t forget to share it with your friends)

Grocery Giessen Guide with specific stores and markets

Grocery Giessen Guide from our team (graphics are taken from, picture created by Oleksandra Bucher)

Grocery Giessen: Turkish Markets

(where you can find Turkish sweets, halal meat, fresh fruits & vegetables)
  • Turhan Supermarkt
    Reichenberger Str. 13, 35396 Gießen
  • Dünya Market
    Bahnhofstraße 91, 35390 Gießen
  • Turgut Markt
    Marburger Str. 13, 35390 Gießen

Grocery Giessen: Asian Market

(everything you need for making Asian dishes)
  • Asia Center
    Neustadt 23, 35390 Gießen

Grocery Giessen: Russian Markets

(buckweat, adjika, condensed milk etc)
  • Mix Markt
    Bantzerweg 1, 35396 Gießen
  • Valeria Russische Spezialitäten
    Liebigstraße 88, 35392 Gießen

Grocery Giessen: African Shop

  • Afroshop Tina (actually it’s more a community, but they have a few African products for sale)
    Bahnhofstraße 45, 35390 Gießen




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