Going on adventures in the Kletterwald Giessen

You are lacking some adventure in your everyday life? How about going on a small adventure into the forest and climb like a monkey through the trees in the Kletterwald Giessen. I tried it out for you and will give you my very own experience.

What is a Kletterwald?

Kletterwald action in Giessen

Kletterwald Giessen (picture taken by Anna-Maria Schneider)

For those of you who don’t know what a Kletterwald (climbing forest) is, it is a parkour you have to follow high above the ground mastering some obstacles. No worries you are secured the whole time ;).

What to pay?

I was lucky and the THM Buddy program organized a trip to the Kletterwald here in Giessen. That means this trip was free for me as I am a participant of the Buddy program. But that doesn’t mean you have to go deep into your own pockets. The Kletterwald in Giessen is one of the cheapest in whole Germany. During the week, you will pay 9,90€ (2 hours) or 11,90€ (3 hours) and on the weekend just 2 Euros more.







What to expect?

high excitement amongst us

THM Buddies right before the action (picture taken by Anna-Maria Schneider)

When I first got there I wasn’t expecting a park this big. But they have many routes with different levels. The colors are showing you the difficulty of each route. The green ones are obviously the easiest ones. Then it goes from blue, red, violet up to black, whereas black is the toughest one. Believe me they are the hardest!

We accidently ended up on one of them after Fares entered it unintentionally, at least that is what he told us ;p. That meant we all had to go, because no one is going alone, but we all made it!!! It was an amazing feeling and a really great group experience. We may not have made it without one other, because the help, support and motivation really pushed each of us. It was so much fun getting to know your own limits and even go beyond them.

What to bring?

high above the ground

Good balance is advantageous (picture taken by Anna-Maria Schneider)

You should wear sporty and comfortable clothes as well as sport shoes. I recommend you to bring a lunch bag, because they have a really nice picnic area right in the middle of the Kletterwald. Here you can have a break or enjoy your lunch afterwards. All the other equipment needed will be provided by the Kletterwald.

Overall I think this is a really nice activity you should try here in Giessen. Especially if you are not too afraid of heights and like a small adrenaline kick from time to time.

Anna 🙂

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