How to save money in Giessen and still have fun!

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Let´s be honest. Most of us have no pot of gold buried in their garden for bad times.

Especially if you are a student it is sometimes difficult to maintain your liquidity. But don´t be afraid because we live in a very student friendly town. There are plenty of places and tricks how you can save money in Giessen and still enjoy the full Life in Giessen experience!

The public pool

Since this semester students can get free entrance to the public pool in Giessen! That is a great opportunity to just lay down in the sun or swim a few rounds in the water have a picnic with some friends or just watch all the people going around.


This is a great tool for people who want to save money in Giessen. The book is full of dicounts for activities like lasertag or restaurant visits. If you are a student you usually get the book to the semester start or you can download the Viscor app.

The Theatre

The Theatre in Giessen offers different discounts (students can get in for free!). This is a great opportunity to enjoy the artistic side of Giessen. To be honest I have never been to the theatre but I’ve heard that it is very nice. Search beforehand what is currently in their program.

The student-discount-principle

If you are a student in Giessen and you want to buy or spend money on something your first question should be: Do I get a student discount?

Often this is a magical question which enables you to save some of your hard-earned money. For example, I brought my trousers to a tailor´s shop and I got an unexpected 10% student discount which felt great. The same happened when I brought a new helmet to a bike shop (never ride your bike without helmet!). You see this question can have significant effects on your wallet.

These are just some of my ideas on how you can save money and still get the full load of Life in Giessen.

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