Student discounts: ISIC card

Student discounts. Did you know that you can save a lot of money if you’re holding a student status?

Today I am going to tell you about various possibilities (student discounts), that you can get with International Student Identity Card, that is basically called just ISIC among students. Unfortunately, it’s not very popular and I really wonder why ?.
With the card you can get discounts for different magazines subscriptions (e.g. 50% for annual National Geographic magazine) – more detailed info you can check here. The ISIC card entitles you also for discounts for travelling (FlixBus, IC Bus), renting cars (Eurpcar, car2go, ALAMO) as well as students rates for flights with STA Travel and discounts/coupons for hostels (Hostelworld, A&O Hostels). Isn’t that great?
If you are a sporty person, you can go for a student discount at McFit (15 EUR instead of 19,90 EUR for a membership fee).
For people like me, those who can’t live without shopping, you will receive 10% discount at Forever21 (both online & offline), 14% discount at Flaconi online store, 20% off your Missguided purchase and 15% at Cocopanda online store.
Anyway, this card is only available for current students (both Bachelor and Master) and the period of validity varies from country to country (according to my personal experience).

But talking about Germany, it’s never been so easy to get ISIC. I’m gonna show you how step-by-step ?

1. Go to

There you can change language for English if you need (that’s what I did as you can see).
How to order ISIC card online

Student discounts: How to get ISIC card

2. There you can see bright yellow button “Get you card” (easy, yeah?).
 3. Afterwards you can choose if you want to go to the office and get your card there or just to order it online (which I see as more convenient, so we are going to continue with the online option).
How to order ISIC card online

Student discounts: How to get ISIC card

 4. Click “Get your card online”.
5. You can see online application blank, that you need to fill out ?
How to order ISIC card online

Student discounts: How to get ISIC card

Be sure to enter the right data (especially check the address).
6. Attach one passport photo, certificate of enrolment from your university and a scan of identity card (be aware that ID & passport is not allowed for this option, so you can upload your health insurance card or e.g. student card).
How to order ISIC card online

Student discounts: How to get ISIC card

7. Then choose the payment method you prefer. The price I paid in February 2017 was €16,50.
8. After that you just need to wait for it to arive by post (delivery period may vary).

Also, you can check these websited for ISIC coupons, so that the price will be a little bit less (I’m warning you, that I’ve never tried them):

Enjoy your student discounts while you can 🙂

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