Free overnight in Giessen – our Couchsurfing experience

If you’re new to the city, your dormitory keys are still not available or you’re low on a budget – try out your luck with Couchsurfing Giessen! We’ve tested it, we’ve liked it and we’re happy to share it with you. 🙂

Lunch together with my Giessen “Couch” at her home


You’ve never heard of Couchsurfing before? It’s a global network with millions of people who are ready to share their home/couch/space with you for free! But it’s not just a platform offering free accommodations to stay – it’s a mindset and a hospitality culture. (I perceive it as surfing through the whole world, finding coaches and people that you can call home.)

As you don’t have any financial relations with your hosts – you “pay” with your own life stories and skills. Teaching your “couch” a foreign language and baking a cake together might be a great idea!

Sharing couches – sharing cultures

From my personal experience, Couchsurfing Giessen and Couchsurfing, in general, is one of the best opportunities for cultural exchange. It’s way more fun and exciting to experience your first time in another country/city with locals. Instead of staying in a “soulless” hostel/hotel you gain a chance to know how people really live, and for these several days, find a new home.

In Giessen, I was staying with German girl Isabelle and we had lots of fun sharing our own travel life-changing events, walking around the city, talking about German culture with her friends – and it was really awesome Couch!

How to become a couch surfer – Couchsurfing Giessen

For becoming one you need only 2 things:

  1. Being ready to get out of your comfort zone and try new things;
  2. Notebook/phone/tablet & internet access.

Go to Couchsurfing official website where you can super easy and free of any charges create your personal account.
P.S. If you’re more frequently on the phone (as I am) – you can download their free app. Same functions but way easier to navigate 😉

giessen couchsurfing registration guide

Couchsurfing registration page

Words matter – the more the better

Everybody knows that first impressions matter and Couchsurfing is not an exception. Nobody wants to invite strangers to their houses and insecurity in people you’ve never met before is totally normal for both sides.
Profile page would be your “key” to hosting surfers homes and vice verse. So be honest about yourself and your preferences, write more and add a bit of creativity 😉



Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 17.04.41

I always get inspired by descriptions of other people and adjust mine as soon as anything new & exciting happens in my life.

Couchsurfing Giessen - how to find

How to search for “couches”

Navigating a couch in Giessen

If you want to find your “dream couch” – I suggest doing it beforehand, at least one month or so. Even though the person you chose will like you back, he might simply be occupied when you arrive at the city.
And Don’t forget that Giessen is a small city, so you might consider looking for “couchers” in the nearby areas or even in Frankfurt-am-Main.

P.S. If you can’t find any available hosts – you can try writing in Local groups, asking if someone can urgently host you for a night (It helped me during my stay in Amsterdam)

Enjoy the Surfing

Don’t forget that Couchsurfing is a totally new way of staying in another country/city. So try to be flexible, don’t set your expectations too high and stay on the bright side! Try to have as much fun and cultural exchange as possible and experience Giessen or other cities as we do 😉

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