April 5, 2017

About Us

We are a bunch of passionate guys from 4 different countries, whose paths crossed in Giessen. When we first came here, we didn’t know what to expect, what to do or what the city has to offer. Now we want to show you the uniqueness of life in Giessen from our own perspective.


Name: Lexie

Nationality: Ukrainian

Why Giessen: Because of the English master program offered by the THM.

Funny facts about me: I am scared of long German words and my height equals number π divided by 2.


Name: Alina

Nationality: Russian

Why Giessen: I chose the study program I liked the most and somehow found myself in Giessen.

Funny facts about me: I am a fantastic fantasy books & movies fan, I know by heart the original Star Wars series and want to visit space one day.

Name: Alex

Nationality: German

Why Giessen: I was looking for an English speaking master program and love brought me here.

Funny facts about me: You will always get a decent cup of tea in my home and I like to spend my time thinking about the next great business idea (like a wingman service).


Name: Tamara

Nationality: Polish

Why Giessen: Still in the process of figuring that out.

Funny facts about me: I moved 14 times so far; I love dogs probably more than they love me.


Name: Arsenie

Nationality: Russian

Why Giessen: A few random coincidences, a little magic and … poof… I am in Giessen.

Funny facts about me: I did historical spear fencing, eat literally everything, love cats, bikers’ culture and pink. I have eight bikes… in GTAV.


Name: Anna

Nationality: German (stated by my passport, but my heart is Argentinian)

Why Giessen: The english speaking master program in Marketing, besides that… no clue.

Funny facts about me: The first things I learned in Spanish were ‘Hola’, ‘Chau’, ‘Gracias’ and ‘puteadas’, which I perfectly know when to use.

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