Top 10 places to grab a bite in Giessen

Looking for a nice Giessen cafes to eat or have a coffee could be a tough decision, but you can always ask a person for a recommendation. Or ask many people! Or look for a place, where anyone can rate their favourite places and comment about their most liked menu positions! One of such places Read more about Top 10 places to grab a bite in Giessen[…]

International Buddy Program – experience Giessen

International Buddy program – is a great way to discover Giessen, make new international friends and learn languages! Today we’ve asked Fernando (one of the members) to share with you his personal experience and how the International Buddy Program works… Concept of being buddies I want to start this writing explaining very briefly what the Read more about International Buddy Program – experience Giessen[…]

Inline skating – Tuesday Night Skating Gießen

Inline skating – is a popular sport nowadays. Same goes for Gießen. This fascinating and fun activity attracts hundreds of people. All you need – is just a pair of inliners. And good mood. Starting from May, every Tuesday, when the weather is nice, a huge colourful crowd gets together to enjoy the skating evening. It is called Read more about Inline skating – Tuesday Night Skating Gießen[…]

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