Finding friends in Giessen – time to meet new guys!

Finding friends in a new town is sometimes a little complicated. Especially if you don´t really speak the language. Here are some helpful advices for people who have problems finding some new friends in Giessen. Advice #1: Don´t live alone I made this mistake once. A company offered me an internship and flat to live Read more about Finding friends in Giessen – time to meet new guys![…]

Things about Germans – Greeting

Have you ever wondered about the behaviour of Germans? Today finally you get the explanation for all this in our new topic called Things about Germans. I am presenting you things about Germans you maybe haven´t noticed yet. We start with greetings: Greeting – how and why? Greetings are often the first trap for embarrassment Read more about Things about Germans – Greeting[…]

Hacks on how to find an apartment in Giessen

I would like to give you some general information about facts and things to consider when searching for a student apartment in Giessen. How and where do you need to search for it and what you have to keep in mind before signing the contract (as Germans are very fussy about this). Where to find Read more about Hacks on how to find an apartment in Giessen[…]

Useful facts about studying in Germany

German universities… Well, it’s been 6 months already since we started studying in Germany. And all our friends and families keep asking how it is. It’s quite hard to explain everything in words. But if you are interested in studying at German university or just started your semester here – this article is definitely for Read more about Useful facts about studying in Germany[…]

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