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Going on adventures in the Kletterwald Giessen

You are lacking some adventure in your everyday life? How about going on a small adventure into the forest and climb like a monkey through the trees in the Kletterwald Giessen. I tried it out for you and will give you my very own experience. What is a Kletterwald? For those of you who don’t know Read more about Going on adventures in the Kletterwald Giessen[…]

Different rules and customs – what may surprise an international in Germany? Pfand system

“So many countries, so many customs” – this proverb is very well known worldwide. And not without a reason – it’s simply true. In every country foreigners will be facing some unknown for them habits. And again – for every nationality they may be different. We decided to provide you with a series of articles Read more about Different rules and customs – what may surprise an international in Germany? Pfand system[…]

Finding friends in Giessen – time to meet new guys!

Finding friends in a new town is sometimes a little complicated. Especially if you don´t really speak the language. Here are some helpful advices for people who have problems finding some new friends in Giessen. Advice #1: Don´t live alone I made this mistake once. A company offered me an internship and flat to live Read more about Finding friends in Giessen – time to meet new guys![…]

International Buddy Program – experience Giessen

International Buddy program – is a great way to discover Giessen, make new international friends and learn languages! Today we’ve asked Fernando (one of the members) to share with you his personal experience and how the International Buddy Program works… Concept of being buddies I want to start this writing explaining very briefly what the Read more about International Buddy Program – experience Giessen[…]

Inline skating – Tuesday Night Skating Gießen

Inline skating – is a popular sport nowadays. Same goes for Gießen. This fascinating and fun activity attracts hundreds of people. All you need – is just a pair of inliners. And good mood. Starting from May, every Tuesday, when the weather is nice, a huge colourful crowd gets together to enjoy the skating evening. It is called Read more about Inline skating – Tuesday Night Skating Gießen[…]

Things about Germans – Greeting

Have you ever wondered about the behaviour of Germans? Today finally you get the explanation for all this in our new topic called Things about Germans. I am presenting you things about Germans you maybe haven´t noticed yet. We start with greetings: Greeting – how and why? Greetings are often the first trap for embarrassment Read more about Things about Germans – Greeting[…]

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